All Saints Church in the Parish of Low Worsall

The Vicars of All Saints Church

All Saints Church has been served by the following vicars:


  • 1879 Henry Oswald Crow

  • 1908 David Stephen Christie Syme

  • 1911 Edward Herbert Keed

  • 1920 James Metcalfe

  • 1934 William James Dannat

  • 1947 Herbert Firby

  • 1956 John Michael Stuart King

  • 1961 Henry Robertson

  • 1972 David Moore

  • 2002 (Interregnum)

  • 2004 Mark Allsopp (Priest-in-Charge)

  • 2008 Interregnum       

  • 2009 Pam Sanders  

When Kirklevington Grange was converted to a Young Offenders Institution in the 1970’s, the post of vicar was combined with that of Anglican Chaplain at YOI Kirklevington Grange.  In 1992, the unit became one of three special resettlement prisons preparing long-term prisoners for release.


Since 1920 the parishes of Kirklevington and High and Low Worsall have been held in plurality.