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The Village Hall

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Free Access to Wireless Internet Hotspot connection may be requested by Village Hall Users.


Connection is controlled by a logon protocol available from Village Hall Officers. Being a Hotspot the service is not designed for super fast and/or large file downloads.


Fast Internet access in Worsall Village is available by subscription from CLANNET Broadband Ltd within the key North Yorkshire Broadband Delivery (BDUK) pilot area which is sponsored by Yorkshire County Council with infrastructure funded through multiple sources.

Situated at the entrance to the pleasant North Yorkshire village of Worsall, this is an attractive and modern Village Hall, which was opened in January 2009. It provides an outstanding venue in the countryside that is easily accessible from the nearby conurbations.


It is a Licensed, High Tech, Spacious, Bright, Warm, and Well Lit Venue, with a Kitchen and Bar that Caterers rate the Best. It is also Disabled Friendly throughout.


Featuring Surround Sound, Digital Projection, Party & Theatre Lighting and Wireless Internet Hotspot.

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