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Extraordinary Funding - Enabled this 2009 New Hall

Fund raising commenced in 2004 with the Village, Neighbourhood and User Groups supporting money making events and generously donating money to an amount eventually to exceed an amazing £120,000 so demonstrating Community commitment. 

Determined to have a new hall that would be both modern and would last over the years, the New Hall and Furnishings cost was to exceed £670,000 and the Project Team set about making applications to multiple funding bodies.

In the end the hall was built and furnished for a cost within the money available without 
any outstanding debts to pay off
in later years.

Sources of Funding and Gifts in Kind included Major Funders and many awarding lesser amounts that were crucial to the plan.  

The Major Funding Headlines were:

Other Substantial Contributors:

Garfield Weston Trust; Jack Brunton Trust; Sir George Martin Trust; Yorkshire Bank and more, too many to be named.

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